Digestive Plus 90 capsules


Plant-derived enzymes (betaine hydrochloride, lipase, amylase, protease, bromelain and papain), combined with a range of herbs (alfalfa, apple cider vinegar, caraway seed, chamomile, fennel seed, ginger root, peppermint leaf and turmeric (with curcumin)).

The enzymes in this food supplement are derived from plant, fruit and vegetable sources.
6 plant enzymes
8 herbals
With curcumin
Suitable for vegetarians

Digestive enzymes, which are only a few of the thousands of known enzymes, are complex proteins that are found in the digestive tract. They are secreted by different glands in the body, including the salivary glands, the stomach and pancreas glands and the glands in the small intestines. They also each have specific sites of action, including the mouth, the stomach, the duodenum and the jejunum.

The human body produces around 22 different types of digestive enzymes, each of which acts on a different type of food. The number of digestive enzymes produced by our bodies decreases as we age - enzyme production in the body actually decreases by as much as 30% in most adults over 50.

Caffeine and alcohol intake, illness, pregnancy, stress, severe weather and exercise can also all take their toll on our finite enzyme reserves.

1 or 2 capsules to be taken with each main meal or as advised by a health professional.
If taken alone (i.e. rather than in combination with other digestive system support supplements), to be started off on a higher intake of 2 - 3 capsules before breakfast, lunch and the evening meal for 3 - 4 weeks. Thereafter, reduce to 1 - 2 capsules, 2 - 3 times per day or as required.

Warning: Do not take if peptic ulcers are present.

Each capsule provides:

Betaine hydrochloride - 104mg

Capsule shell (vegetarian) Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) - 96mg

Lipase 5,000U/GRAM - 66mg

Alfalfa powder - 50mg

Amylase 50,000U/GRAM - 45mg

Apple cider vinegar powder - 30mg

Turmeric (95% granulated) - providing 20mg curcumin - 21.05mg

Caraway seed powder - 20mg

Chamomile powder - 20mg

Fennel seed powder (Foeniculum vulgare) - 20mg

Ginger root (Zingiberis rhizoma) - 20mg

Magnesium stearate (veg source) - 20mg

Peppermint leaf powder - 20mg

Protease III 30,000HUT/gm - 16.6mg

Bromelain 1200GDU/G - 5mg

Papain 2000u/mg - 0.15mg

Contains no added: artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives, dairy products, gluten, lactose, soya, sugar or yeast.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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